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The Visual Kei and JRock review
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a place to catch on up on the latest releases, news and anything related to Visual kei and Jrock

The Visual kei and JRock Review
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*Welcome to our humble community!*

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**Please read the rules before posting!**

1)This community is based on selective membership, you will have to be approved by either flordepp or vestimona or both.

2)NO spamming, comment using the replies to each entry please.

3)NO posting of fanart, fanfiction, or graphics of any kind. That's what our affiliates are for.

4)Absolutely no band or band members bashing will be tolerated!!! you don't have to like everyone that we talk about here, we value your opinions, just do it respectfully!!

5)If you see that we missed a review or a release somewhere, or feel like you want to introduce someone new to the visual kei or Jrock scene, you are welcome to share it with us. **Please refer to our review guidelines below.

6)Absolutely NO NO NO fangirling allowed!!!!!! I know we'll get the occasional nosebleeds but that's no excuse to flood our entries with meaningless replies like "OMGz HE'S SOOO CUTE!!! I WANNA MARRY HIM!!!1".....please just...NO! that would be spamming! you can mention how yummy someone may be just please keep it professional.

7) Please keep an open mind to certain situations like fanservice (i.e. male on male action among band members), you will find that in the VK industry there's a lot of it because its a crowd favorite. Don't like it but like the music? that's fine, but you will find that it would almost always come up. Again, PLEASE respect others' opinions!!!!

8)Community advertising is permitted as long as it is related to visual kei and Jrock, anime/manga is great! we're all fans but we don't want to see a Naruto fanfiction community advertised in a music only community, please. Provide a brief discription as well as the proper linkage to your community.

**Review guidelines**(i.e. reviews on anything else other than new releases)

-You may review any concerts, lives, special events, anime conventions/ Q&A panels that you have attended and would like to share with us the juicy tidbits. We love any kind of info we can get our hands on and I'm sure anyone would be dying to spill everything after seeing a VK band live, I know I do. *_*

-Any singles, albums, releases we may have overlooked or a new band you would like to introduce to the community is also permitted. ** Remember, must be visual kei, Jrock, Jpop, misc... (misc. referring to self proclaimed genres, aka Miyavi XD)

-Any DVD bonuses, the backstage footages and of course, live events are always fun!

-Any magazine articles or interviews are also welcome.

**Last but certainly not least, this is a place where die hard fans could come to truly enjoy visual kei and Japanese music of any kind for what its truly worth. And we love it all, from the music to the visual concepts and performances including all the goodies that come with the industry. *cough*fanservice*cough*

Any questions, comments, (death threats and marriage proposals go to flordepp XD )don't hesitate to email. Otherwise happy posting everyone!! ^_^

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